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My Approach
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My care-management strategy is based on the belief that every person is a unique, dynamic individual. Whether I work alone or with my team of experienced professionals, your care will be custom-tailored to fit your changing needs.
My goal is to not only provide rehabilitative care but, also to also help empower you mentally and emotionally,  so as to allow your loved ones to enjoy you as a person instead of acting as primary caregivers.
A sampling of the care I provide:

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  •  Create daily agenda
  •  Drive to and from activities
  • Research, book, and accompany on museums trips, concerts, plays, local shows, and shopping
  •  Provide social interaction which includes painting, coloring, reading, and watching television
  •  Provide daily grooming assistance by laying out clothes, makeup and other items
  •  Coordinate and attend appointments for makeup, hair, manicures, pedicures, and massages
  •  Coordinate calls and luncheons with family and friends
  • Set reminders and assist in buying gifts for birthdays and special occasions
  • Send daily and/or weekly status reports to family members


  •  Doctors and Nurses that come to your home  
  •  Recommend and set doctor, optometrist, and dental appointments
  •  Pick up medications, set medication reminders, organize and administer medications
  •  Observe personalities for health or performance changes
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Private duty medical and non-medical care
  • Companionship
  • Special emphasis on clients diagnosed with ALS, MS, multiple strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Home Management
    •  Coordinate appointments and expectations with designers, housekeeping, masseuse and specialized serv